WhenWillIFeelBetter“Part explanation, part interactive journal, When Will I Feel Better? could be an answer to prayer for parents of chronically ill children. Not only does this book clearly describe chronic illness and identify the changes it brings, but it pinpoints common responses and emotions as children face long periods of not feeling good, endure medical procedures, or are hospitalized.” –from review by Susan Gardner

On the best-of list: Goodreads’  Books for Children with Chronic Illness


WhyDontWeLiveTogether“With empathy and comfort, this little book speaks directly to children of divorce. Through creative interactive exercises, it gives children the mechanism for expressing themselves, and opens the door for important, healing conversation. It stresses to children that their parent’s divorce is NOT their fault and lets them know they are not alone.” –from review from Nancy Parker

Recommended by Linda N. Edelstein, PHD







“Families change from time to time. Births, divorces, remarriages and deaths can all bring new people into a child’s family. By using this book, parents can help children understand why they need not fear changes in their family, and how they’re always in God’s family.” –review by Ingram

Recommended in Pamela J Erwin’s The Family Powered Church








Written for children ages 2-7 this book takes some of the attributes of God and puts them in words that even very small children can understand. The illustrations are full of fun animals and lots of smiles.

“Miss Monrow thank you for sineing my book. It is my favrte book.
Love Caitlin.” (age 5)

Devotions for the Brokenhearted is the compilation of two previously published devotionals: Loss of a Loved One and Loss of a Dream (Broadman & Holman 1994).

Loss of a Loved One was inspired by the true story of a little girl named Anna. The second of Robin’s four children, Anna was a healthy first grader who one day developed a small but painful bruise on her leg. A week later she died of a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. Devastated, the Monroe family wrestled with the loss as their Father God saw them through.

This book brings comfort, in particular, to people who are in their darkest times of grief.

“I have one copy of this book which I use in ministry to inmates who have lost loved ones during their time of incarceration. Your devotional has been a blessing to more people than you will ever know.” — a chaplain in Arizona

Loss of a Dream is inspired by the story of the Monroe’s special needs family: the questions, struggles and ultimately the joy.

“I have seemed to somewhere along the way lost my faith. I have read many books…they all helped a little, but I still don’t understand. Your little book touched me so much, I read the devotions over and over again.” –a reader in Michigan

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