Laundry Chute-a poem

Maybe you like doing laundry as much as I do???

Laundry, Chute! 

A shrill alarm sounds in the hall, then still and quietness.

I rush toward the siren call, to rescue my red dress. 

The latch released, I close my eyes then lunge into the dark, to free the poly-cottons from the hot breath of the shark. 

I dump them on the top of an ever-growing pile, of jeans and towels and T-shirts that have waited for a while. 

The dryer’s empty now, and while it’s growing cold, prepared to beat the mountain, I finally start to fold. 

The wash-cloths are so easy, being tiny, square and neat. But I almost lose my patience when I wrestle with the sheets. 

“I am finished!” is my cry as I tackle the last frock.The giant hill has dwindled to a mis-matched pair of socks. 

But victory is brief for as I turn to leave, peeking from the hamper is a little bit of sleeve.                                                                                                                 

Copyright 1997 Robin Prince Monroe  

2 thoughts on “Laundry Chute-a poem

  1. In a society where children are taught not to talk to strangers, we grow up and share a space that cleanses our most intimate clothing-The Laundromat.
    My name is Krystina Byrd and I am one of the founding fathers of The University of Colorado at Boulder Printing Press called Subito Press. In this venture and part of the non-profit organization, the founders are putting together web journals about our own interests; the Laundromat is a space that strikes my curiosity. I would like to ask your permission to post your poem on our website under my interests.

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