I finished it!

My husband says that I celebrate everything. And he’s right. I do. In fact, that is really what this blog is about, celebrating even the very small joys in life. But today I have something big to celebrate. I finished my middle school novel!

I am having my writer son, Caleb, (see www.calebmonroe.com ) and my precious editor friend, Nancy Koesy Parker, give it the once over, and I am very sure both of them will suggest changes…and they are always right, and….I will need to check on a few research facts, but all in all The Silent Glades is finished and today I am celebrating!

2 thoughts on “I finished it!

  1. YAAAYYY!!!!
    I’m with you. (sorry Mervin) There is so much hardship and pain in the world that I think we should celebrate everything we can, as often as we can. How much of a surprise is that from your cynical 1st college roomie?
    I still don’t drink coffee, so can I have a hot chocolate with Caleb?

  2. Congrats!!! We missed you on Monday, but Joan, Joe & I will be there next Mon. while the rest of the crew enjoys Monterey. Hope to see you then.

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