Birthing books

I just blogged three metaphors to describe the lake I live on. But I liked them, so I cut and copied them to my writing file. I want to save them for my next middle grade novel.

Did I say “next novel”?

In the midst of writing Silent Glades I was like a woman in labor. The waiting, work and pain was so tremendous that I said; No, I screamed, “I will never do this again!” But once it was finished, like a young mother holding her new baby, I started thinking about how much she’d like a little sister. 

2 thoughts on “Birthing books

  1. The birth metaphor is entirely appropriate: writing a book is HARD and it’s only crazy people who try it. Once you finish a literary effort, a bit of selective amnesia takes over and all at once you don’t recall the pain and discomfort, just the beauty of the end result. Hang in there…

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