Being Childlike

“You walk into a restaurant. Your job is to figure out how old the restaurant is but you are not allowed to ask any questions. What can you do?”

I ask this question when I am taking groups through the Creative Problem Solving process. I get all kinds of answers, things like; look at the décor, check out the architecture, or find the date stamped on the toilet.

One day when my daughter and her best friend were about nine years old, the three of us went out to lunch. We were sitting at a booth waiting for the server to come when Paige leaned way under the table. At first I thought she dropped something, but when she didn’t sit back up after several minutes I asked her,

“Paige, what are you doing under there?”

She answered, “I’m trying to see how much gum is stuck under this table.”

The mom in me shuddered, “You’re not touching it are you?”

“Nah, I’m counting it.”

“What in the world for?” Of course, my daughter, Lydia, was giggling through this whole conversation.

Paige said, “Because I want to see how old the restaurant is. This one’s pretty old. There’s lots of gum stuck under here.”

We laughed. But later that day I realized that Paige had come up with a neat idea. What a creative perspective! 

All children are creative. We use our imaginations without effort until we are told to stop daydreaming. We make beautiful, innovative art without a thought of how it will be received until we are laughed at. We use and put together words in unusual ways till we learn the parts of speech and the structure of a sentence. And we dance with wild abandon till we wonder how we look to other people. 

Jesus was full of joy when he spoke about children. When we are childlike it pleases Him. I think that a huge part of being childlike is being creative.

7 thoughts on “Being Childlike

  1. Loved your story. Children have so much to offer and it’s so hard not to supress that with our adultness. You may like the oolong story I have on my blog today. It is a great example to use with children as well as adults.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. Hi Debbie..or Martha 🙂
    I always love meeting fellow writers. Congrats on finishing your book. I have had a good experience with Tate. It is the first time I worked with a subsidy publisher. (One that required a monetary investment from me). They are wonderful people to work with. But if you self or subsidy publish you need to be ready to do almost all the marketing yourself.
    Best advice: Get to the Florida Christian Writers Conference and try to sell your manuscript face to face there first. To get anything published is a miracle…but people get published everyday. Why not you and me?

  3. Thanks so much for your great info. I am hoping that my blog will also help with another part of marketing. I will check out the Conference you mentioned. If you ever have any other info please just come by my blog.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! We have just come from spending an evening with our two sons and daughter-in-law..aliitle bit of heaven!

    I will preface this note by telling you that one of my greatest joys is to be childlike…I love to shuffle through the leaves and to stoop down and wonder at the vast colors and shapes of the fall leaves, to observe the intricacies of different insects and ..why God took the time to make even color at all…why such funny different little creatures.

    I love to walk along the beach especially after a storm and hear the constant roar of the waves~ I am reminded of how constant God is no matter what the circumstance. I guess I am most aware of how close He is with a storm nearby, because it is then there are no other things to distract me.

    I am always so amazed how little I know God and how He always surprises me. And no matter what, I feel like I can just crawl up in His lap-especially when things do not make sense.I am so thankful that I am called to be childlike with a childlike wonder and awe.

    Back to our time tonight with our sons. There was alot of serious talk of their plans and careers. The brightest moment of this time was watching our kids really enjoy each other reminiscing over old times.A great joy is seeing our son’s wife bring out the childlikeness and childishness in him. Watching the old sparkles in their eyes was heavenly.

    Let’s gently grow up.

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