Most evenings when the sun is getting ready to climb into bed I get into my little yellow Ripper kayak and paddle out to a place where I can watch the sunset. The water is usually quiet then, the breeze often soft. To get to my spot I have to head straight into the eye-squinting sunlight, straight down a golden water-path of light. Then I turn behind a point of trees and set my paddle on my lap, ready for the show. Every evening is different. Weathermen can predict what they think will happen weatherwise each day. They are right sometimes. But no one can tell you what the sunset will look like. Will it be golden, or cadmium orange or just a soft yellow line across the horizon? Will the color echo onto the clouds and trees or will it adorn the sunball like a halo? I never know till it happens…and I love surprises…

One thought on “Surprises

  1. Sunsets are great treats for us to enjoy every evening. Sure once in a while cranky clouds get together and plot against sunsets with rain and snow, but more often than not, we are faced with spectacular paintings in the sky day after day.

    It’s amazing, though, how many people don’t see these grand paintings. I watch my fellow commuters and most are absorbed with their phone conversations or figuring out how fast they need to drive to be the first to the next light. Not many people watch the sky, the clouds, or that bird sitting on a wire peering at them.

    Oh, well, it’s their loss.

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