Letting Go

In relationships, as in most other things in this world, the only thing we can control is ourselves. We can love someone, full out, no holds barred, be careful to give them space and room to grow, know them so well that we can anticipate, then do our best to meet their needs,

but how our loved ones respond to our love is completely up to them.

I think it is that way with God too. He loves us full out, no holds barred. He knows us and our needs better than we know ourselves. He gives us space and room to grow. 

And… He gives us the choice to love Him, wave at Him, or simply walk away.

Love is a choice.

and sometimes, to really love, we have to let go.

One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Letting go, even when you know you must, is one of the hardest things we ever have to do.
    May God hold you and Bless you. Know you are loved and we are all praying for you and yours. Cat

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