100 percent, 100 percent of the time

When I read this blog I thought it was so wise that I had to share it. I will only add one thing.

I believe that this is a sustainable way to live as long as you have enough recreation and relaxing time, and as long as you give 100 percent to that rest time too. 

Rest and recreation let us power up for all the other 100 percents that can deplete us if we don’t have the nurishing breaks, and it is almost always during those breaks that the seeds of our very best selves are born.


It was written by Caleb Monroe:

My Leap Year: Small Steps 106-124

Posted: 03 Mar 2008 03:07 PM CST

[My Leap Year is a 12-month life project (begun 11/01/07) at the end of which I intend to be writing full-time. 365 small steps = 1 giant leap.]
Well Friday was Leap Day. I finished up three pitches that day. Sorry that I haven’t been blogging very regularly the past couple weeks, but I have been writing. Working on a lot of different projects and honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed, which is why the site has fallen by the wayside. But I’m back!

Most of what I’ve been working on lately is pitches. Some solo, some with a co-writer, some with co-writers. I won’t go into them in much detail unless they start getting picked up. But I can tell you this: the more of them I write the better I get at them. I can see the improvement and the editorial response so far has ben very encouraging. Not only that, but the most useful pitching skill I’ve discovered is one I actually honed writing my flash fictions: economy of words without losing the energy or excitement. I never foresaw how much I would fall back on my approach to flash fiction when pitching until I started doing so many proposals lately and realized that ultimately I was using the exact same storytelling skills. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to try a flash fiction experiment, there it is. Better pitches. I’ll be hopping back on the flash fiction wagon this Friday for this very reason.

I was feeling very frustrated the other day trying to juggle the different aspects of my life: writing, wife, work, real-world stuff like bills and also some relaxation somewhere in there to keep the crazies away. I was watching the season finale of Scrubs season 6, of all things, when a potential solution started to work its way into my mind. Zach Braff’s character was talking about how scary it was to try to balance two things, both of which required all of him (in this case doctorhood and fatherhood). That gave words to the frustrations I had been having. How do you balance more than one part of your life that each require 100%? Writing and my wife are each in those category, at least, and the other categories aren’t going away, either. I mulled that over for the next hour or so. How can you get 100% + 100% + 100% to equal 100%? I finally realized there was no way to make the math work, and therein was the beginnings of a solution. I can’t give more than 100% of myself…at a time. When I’m with my wife I can give her 100% of myself without worrying about that other stuff. When I’m writing, the same. And on down the line. So I’ve been trying to apply the 100% factor to things lately, and seem to be seeing an improvement. Today, for instance, is a 100% writing day until we have to go somewhere this evening. I’ll have to see if this is a sustainable system.

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