Lucy the Pug

I have the coolest app on my phone. I can look at it any time and see how many people read my blog that day. I can see all kinds of other stats too like which posts are the most popular and what search words bring the most people to the blog.

Today’s post is in response to that. For in spite of the fact that I think some of my other posts are more useful the most popular post of all is titled Bee-utiful Lucy. It has a picture of Lucy, my pug, dressed in her bee costume. The search words that bring the most people to my blog are pug, dressed up pug, silly pug. Bee-utiful Lucy is especially popular in the U.K. So for all my pug loving friends out there in the States and across the pond, this one’s for you. 🙂

 Some pet lovers may think that it is cruel to dress up an animal. If you are concerned I want to assure you of two things. First, I only dress Lucy up for photo shoots. She is “all natur-al” the rest of the time. And second, when I get Lucy’s clothes out she gets very excited. I think she just likes the attention.

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