Pug Emergency

My pug, Lucy, makes a habit of eating anything she can get into her tiny mouth. Last night when I took her out for her last potty she found something in the leaves. That something started her coughing and gagging. This isn’t the first time she has done this. She sees the whole world as one big smorgasborg. And she has had gagging fits before but this time she didn’t stop. So I loaded her up at 11:30PM and carried her to the 24 hour Animal Emergency room. To my utter surprise the place was full. It turns out that Saturday night at the Animal Emergency room is about as dramatic as the one for people. My gagging pug had to wait for a poodle who had torn out his stiches, a German Shepherd who had collided with another dog chasing a tennis ball and a pit bull who had been fighting and the police ordered his owners to take him to be cared for (You can imagine the dirty looks those guys got from the rest of us). Anyway, Lucy gagged through the first hour of waiting but by the time the vet saw her whatever was stuck went on down the hatch. He gave her a shot for the inflammation in her throat and sent us home.

The upside to this?? Lucy the Pug is just fine now… and it is really good to know that there are places to take sick doggies in the middle of the night…:)

One thought on “Pug Emergency

  1. Sorry to hear about Lucy! I have been to the animal er myself and it is a blessing. Just to update you, I have a new grandpuppy! Shannon’s peekapoo, Izzy, died suddenly while she had him boarded 3 weeks ago while she went to NY. She was supposed to pick him up on Weds and the vet called and said he had been vomiting and had diahrea for 2 days, suggested she leave him till Thursday. She got there 2 minutes after he went into cardiac arrest and they tried to resusitate him to no avail. They didn’t know what caused it except that he might have gotten into something in the yard when they took him out. So I’m glad Lucy is ok and whatever she got into passed. You might watch out for small frogs near the lake! Oh, we now have a Shit Zu named Monty which we haven’t met yet!

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