Six Wags

Well, we finally got there. We have driven past this play park for dogs for the last five months. Today was cool enough to take a pug outside for a run so we went to Six Wags. Lucy loved it!!! First she ran all around looking back at me like she was saying, “Are you really going to let me go wherever I want?” Then with a treat I coaxed her through the agility tunnel…then with a treat (it seems she will do almost anything for a treat) I coaxed her over the jump, then around the cones. Since we were the only “people” at Six Wags we moved on up to the medium sized dog park where there was a creek. Now, Lucy has never been much for water. When we took her to the beach and she stepped in a puddle she put on the four-legged breaks (you know like the horses in the cartoons). But today….she ran right across the creek! She may become a water dog yet!. I’m thinking it may be time to see if her life jacket fits. Kayak here we come!

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