Tonight I get to paint!

Tonight I get to go to my Monday Night Painters class! I haven’t been there in weeks and I can hardly wait to get back to creating little two dimensional worlds on canvas. I can also hardly wait to get back to my sweet friends there. Last week I had all my painting paraphanalia packed in the car ready to go and I just was too tired….

But there will be no stopping me tonight. I think I’m going to paint daisies…with a vengence!

2 thoughts on “Tonight I get to paint!

  1. Hi, Robin! I have a blog, too….but I haven’t updated in at least a year. No one has missed it yet.

    You go, girl! Paint and write and do whatever you can to express the creativity inside that the Lord has given you. Let us know if you need a test reader for your novel. I remember Nancy telling me about the protagonist, etc. Sounds like a great story. I know you can do it. ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE HAD AN AMAZING AMOUNT OF STUFF TO DEAL WITH LATELY! (not a complete sentence, I know….I tend to be paranoid around real writers, apologizing for every blooper.) I wrote a 4 page piece the other night about being a homeschooling mom with ADD myself…If the blind leading the blind causes them both to fall into a ditch, what happens when the ADD mom teaches the ADD child? Stay tuned for my story…only I am not sure where to send it…my statewide magazine or a national one?? Any ideas?
    More later…with love, Debby

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