The Fight to Write

It is there waiting for me…the chance of a lifetime….a publisher interested in my middle school novel. The problem??? I have to finish it. It is so close but it just isn’t there…and life keeps throwing me curve balls, heck, they are more like fast balls to the head…and I am ducking so much that it is hard to stop, catch my breath and write. People say that ultimately you choose to spend time doing what you really want to do. I don’t believe that…sometimes you do what you have to do…I need to write, I want to write….

Today I WILL write. I’m going to sit down on home plate with pen and paper and my back to the pitcher!

One thought on “The Fight to Write

  1. How did the writing go?

    I have often struggled with the “you do what you really want to do” line. There IS a lot of truth to that when say, it’s a choice between vegging in front of the TV and writing. But there are plenty of times when I’d really LIKE to be doing one thing and yet there are other things I must do instead. And I also know I should be writing more than I am but I am not and I can’t figure out the disconnect.

    In the meantime, I can cheer you on for making yourself write. I know you’re going to get it done and I know it’s going to be GREAT.


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