Just carve…

I missed art class again…was just too tired to go…if I could have gotten there I would have been energized by the creativity and the creative spirits I share the room with….

I went to a very short sculpture class once. We chose a small chunk of stone…mine was green and about the size and shape of a Kiwi. The teacher told us to just start carving and let the stone tell us what it wanted to be. Usually I start my creative endeavors with a plan, a vision of the end result. Often they take on lives of their own and the end result is different from my vision, but I almost always have some kind of goal.  But this time I just started gently carving without any idea of what I wanted it to be.  

I found myself making pointed ridges on one side and I thought. That’s odd, what in the world could those ridges be? I kept working…carving a little off here and there and thinking…this doesn’t look like anything realistic but that’s okay because I am having fun…maybe it’s an abstract.

The class was wrapping up and time running short when I turned the stone over and I was shocked to find that I had carved an alligator! Not the traditional kind of gator, stretched out lengthwise but one curled in toward its tail. It was the most wonderful art experience I ever had.

2 thoughts on “Just carve…

  1. Weird that you posted this today. Last night I had a dream about you and me and Stephanie and there were alligators in it!

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