Life on Wheels-Part 1

I was toodling down the road in my black Honda Element listening to the theme from the old Batman show when it came to me. Batmobile! That will be the name of my “new to me” car.

More toodling and a few songs later I found myself thinking about about my other vehicles, their names and the stages of my life that they were a part of.

My first car was a green Rambler. I named it the Green Machine. The Green Machine wasn’t perfect. Sometimes the wipers didn’t work. Often I had to jump the battery to make it go. One time the muffler dropped right off of it on I-75. But I loved that car. It meant that after 16 years of depending on others to transport me I could finally get to places myself. Yep, the Green Machine was more than a car. It was freedom!

Then there was the little white Toyota Corolla. I named it Peanut. Peanut was a wedding present from my new in-laws. It was a brand new 5-speed and was the first car my husband and I owned together. I remember packing my first two babies (19 months apart), porta cribs, play pens and all other manner of baby paraphanalia into that tiny car and traveling to conferences for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. At the time my husband was a campus minister. When I wasn’t driving you would find me riding facing backwards, bottom up, as I tended my two little ducklings.

Read more Life on Wheels tomorrow. 🙂

One thought on “Life on Wheels-Part 1

  1. I remember the Green Machine! I remember riding past a “crush’s” house in it and he caught us and chased us down Fowler Avenue! Boy, did I wish it went faster that day. My face is still red.

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