Life on Wheels-Part 2

(read Feb.5 first) We had a couple other cars between. Some big yellow thing, I think it was a Buick Electra and then a Plymouth Valiant that we bought from a friend to use as a second car. The seat wouldn’t move up in the Valiant so I had to sit with a big pillow behind me to reach the peddles. Even though the visor (that didn’t stay up) banged me in the forehead I loved my Valiant. It meant that when my husband was at work I had wheels.

Next came the Blue Shark. A giant of station wagons. We kept that car so long we ended up putting a new engine in it. It was powder blue and capable of toting a passel of kids, their backpacks, a double stroller, a wheelchair and all my writing stuff. It was the car we really lived in. I think we ate more meals in the Blue Shark than in our kitchen! I remember manuevering around thousands of mini-vans to park at school, all the time wishing for a mini-van of my own.

and that wish finally came true when we sold the Shark to a family with six kids and got a candy apple red Ford Aeorostar-my shuttlecraft. It was the beginning of our mini-van era which included another red Aeorostar that was rear-ended and totaled and a white Caravan that I dreamed about the night before we found it.

Most recently came my favorite van, a silver Honda Odessy that I named the Silver Bullet. Bullet saw us through numerous trips to visit our daughter in Tennessee and packed full with all my son’s belongings it carried us to his new residence in Columbia.

Only about a week before this Christmas did we find the Batmobile. The vehicle that is ushering in my empty nest years-big enough to carry family when they visit, small enough to save on gas. The seats fold up so that my new Kayak will fit with just enough room for the gear that I will need for a new kind of adventuring.

Because, you see, every car we owned carried me through life’s adventures and “boldly took me to places no man had dared to go.”

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