Practicing Joy

 We are all in pain. Every one of us is carrying a wound or scar because there simply isn’t a way to walk through this world without getting hurt along the way. But I’ve decided that I have a choice, I can spend most of my time looking down at myself and my brokeness or I can practice looking up.

And I’ve decided to “practice”. To practice looking for joy.

I remember once during a particularily difficult time in my life saying to one of my sweet friends, “I don’t want to miss the good stuff.” And that became our mantra. “Don’t miss the good stuff!”  So I began to look for every little thing that made me smile. It’s only about 8 in the morning and here’s my list so far: the sunshine falling across the carpet in my den, the mockingbird singing outside my window, Merlin’s hug before he left for work, honey in my hot tea, bacon with my breakfast, my pug’s little snore, reading the Bible story about the firey furnace, hot water for a shower, my soft, faded jeans…and so much more!

But all of these things pale in comparison to the one joy that I have been promised now and throughout eternity, the presence of God!

Psalm 20:6  says, “Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.” Every moment of every day I am honored with the presence of the Holy, Living God of the Universe! So how can I ever not have joy?

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