An Interesting Day

After writing my last blog, A Cup of Kindness,  I have been trying to be a little more aware of chances to love Christ by loving others, and yesterday an interesting thing happened. It was an unusually hot May day so when I loaded up my car to run errands I filled my water container with my […]


 When was the last time you just yelled out loud with sheer, unfettered joy?  Sometimes when I am sitting in church it is all I can do to keep quiet. I want to holler, “YAY GOD! You are so AWESOME! And then to my fellow Christians,”Hey guys, we are singing about GOD! You know, the One who is […]

Great Delight

I have about 30 photos of our oldest son on his first day home from the hospital. That is not unusal for first time parents, but what may be a bit unusual is that all of them are of him asleep, sitting in an infant seat in the middle of our tiny living room. I remember that day […]