Refill Please

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

 What will be my first words when my husband gets home today? I know he is as tired as I am. What can I do to encourage him, to build him up?

I have a  fountain at my house. It is a simple little mechanism. Water from a tiny pool is pumped up over a water wheel, then it returns to the pond to be pumped back up and over again. Once I filled it I thought it would be maintenance free. But a few days later I discovered that if I didn’t add more water daily it would begin to run dry. The water evaporated just that quickly.

People are like fountains. We tell our spouses and our children that them we love them; they have heard us say we are proud of them; surely they have enough encouragement to keep them wheeling right along. But like so many drops of water all the good things we say will evaporate, in a relatively short time. And it’s hard to keep going in a discouraging world when your encouragement pond is running dry. It takes only a moment to say a kind word, a second to pat a back. We need to look for ways to water our loved one’s spirits with a little encouragement every day.

 Father, help me to be an encourager. Help me to use my words for building up not tearing down. Give me eyes that see all the good things in my loved ones and the determination to help him see them too. Amen

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