The Every Day Plan





My birthday is this week. Sometimes it comes and goes and I don’t think much about it but this  year I have been thinking. I’ve been thinking that I want to make sure that every day counts.

So I’ve come up with a plan and I wanted to share it with you.

Every Day I will:

1. Look for God’s gifts. He is my loving Father and every single day He reaches down to show me His love. I think many times we rush through our days and miss those God hugs. I’m not going to miss, even one, any more.

2. Reach up to hug my Heavenly Father back. I will be thankful for His constant gifts and I will  tell Him I’m thankful. I will keep in mind who He is, The Amazing God of the Universe!, and praise Him. I became a believer when I was a young girl. I remember those first joyful months that before I went to sleep I would reach my arms up toward Heaven to hug God goodnight. I want to have that attitude in my life again. I want to reach up and hug God in some way every day.

3. Make a loving difference. In at least some small way I will do or say something that makes someone feel loved. I will love someone, in some way, every day.

4. Listen. I will listen to the birds songs, the wind, the people I love and the ones who are new to me. I will listen with my ears and with my heart. I will listen to God’s Spirit and His word.

5. Do what I’m called to do. For me that is writing. I have had to set aside my writing in the last few years.  But I know, in my heart of hearts, that I need to get back to it. So every day I will write something; a blog, a letter, an encouraging note or e-mail, a poem, a devotion, something, anything! Even if it is a very few words each day I will write something.

I think if I can do these things my days will count for what matters. What do you think?




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