Yee Haw!!!

After our golden retriever, Sadie, died I felt lost. I hadn’t realized how much I had depended on her steady, unconditional love to get me through the craziness of my life. She was always there at the end of my days quietly loving me, ready to snuggle me on my bad days and ready to play with me when things were going well. Those first months after she was gone I was so sad that my husband finally told me to go find another dog.

At first I couldn’t. I didn’t want another dog. I wanted Sadie. But I did go to pet stores to look at puppies because just seeing them yawning, licking and playing made me feel a bit better and I went to the library and started reading about dog breeds. Sadie was a big dog. At the end of her life it was difficult for me to get her into our van to take her to the vet so I had decided that I needed a smaller dog. I wanted a small, calm dog….a dog with a personality similar to Sadie’s.

I finally settled on trying to find a pug. The books said that they are mischievious the first year but after they become adults they settle in to being calm. It said they are people dogs, and sturdy enough to withstand the not so gentle love that our special needs son might give.

It wasn’t long before tiny, silly, Lucy Pug came into our lives. She swirled through our house like the Tasmanian Devil. No sweet sympathetic looks or gentle licks, just a twirl of pure-T energy and mischief.

At first I was disappointed. This wasn’t the faithful companion I had been looking for. This was four legged craziness. And I began to wonder what I had done…. But then I started to notice how much I was laughing. I laughed when she climbed up on my shoulder and sat there like a parrot, when she absconded with one of my socks and made me give her a treat to get it back, or when she just cocked head and looked at me with her big, googly eyes.

Lucy wasn’t what I had been looking for. She was a wild ride. But she was fun!

Life is full of “Lucys”. We can choose to throw up our hands and enjoy the ride or we can squench up our eyes and scream for relief.

I’ve decided to enjoy the ride.
Yee Haw!!!


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