You Decide

IMG_0194You Decide

From the moment we wake up till the very second we lay our heads on our pillows at night, our days are made up of a string of decisions, one after another. From simple ones, like what to wear that day, to deeper more meaningful choices like how we to respond to the people we love. That string of decisions weaves a tapestry that one day will form the picture of our lives.

Just about a week after 9/11 my brother, Frank, and his wife boarded a plane for China. The terror alert was high, the security at the airports stringent and more than one person asked him why in the world he would get on a plane at such a time. Frank’s answer was simple, not swaggering or defiant. “I don’t make decisions out of fear.” And that made me wonder, do I?

So I prayerfully went to scripture, and I was amazed at God’s firm response to decisions made in fear. Here are just a few.

Numbers 14:9-11 The Israelites are afraid to enter the promise land because of the large people reported there. God’s response, “How long will these people treat me with such contempt?…”

Exodus 4:10 God promising to give Moses the words, calls him to free the Israelites, but Moses is afraid to speak. God’s response, “Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses…”

Matthew 25: 25-26 The servant who was given only one talent was afraid he’d lose it, so instead of investing it he buried it in the ground. The Master’s response, “You wicked, lazy servant…”

With wars raging, an economy sagging and the threat of terror hanging over us each day, it can be easy to fall into a habit of making choices out of fear. God wants us to be wise (James 1:5). He doesn’t want us to take foolish risks to test ourselves or His love for us (Matthew 4:5-6). But scripture makes one thing clear, we are to make our daily choices in trust, not fear.

Two thousand years ago, when God sent His tiny son to earth, the angel of the Lord appeared to a group of sleepy but attentive shepherds. We can only imagine the bright light, the bleating sheep, and that group of working men huddled together trembling. They were terrified. But the angel reassured them with these precious words, “Do not be afraid…”. They could have fled, I’m very sure they thought of it, but instead they made the decision to go to Bethlehem and experience one of the most joyful events in human history.

Listen in your heart. I can hear that angel, can you? He is saying, ‘Do not be afraid’, trust God, and don’t miss His best for you!

By Robin Prince Monroe copyright 2012

One thought on “You Decide

  1. I love this! It is so fitting as I struggle to “control” certain things. Even though I have no control over the future, I should not fear the future. Great words of encouragement – thank you, Robin!

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