Take Chances, Get Messy

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” If you have ever watched the Magic School Bus you will recognize this as Miss Frizzle’s mantra. And Yes! This is exactly what it takes to create and grow. If you have children at home, especially young ones, all day long you find yourself cleaning up one mess after […]

What’s Next?

Often in our lives the way ahead is unclear. We look off into the distance and there is a thick fog of uncertainty. “What’s next?” we ask God. We want desperately to make progress but we desire the security of seeing where we are going. So we stop, and anguish over what is ahead. We […]


Time is invisible. It sounds like rushing water or a gusty breeze. It feels like getting pushed down hill with roller skates on….and sometimes…. if we are lucky, or very determined, it can feel like opening a present on Christmas morning. Time tastes like vanilla ice cream all sweet and cold then melted away and […]


Last week I found a beautiful, whole, sand dollar. It is rare to find a whole one that isn’t alive. More often, I find the green-brown ones that are still living and I toss them as far as I can back into the water. I knew how fragile it was so I carried it gently […]