Every Day Miracles


Every Day Miracles

This morning I went on my walk at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning, the sky was brushed with oranges, yellows, and morning light. It was so beautiful that it hurt. It touched that deep place in my heart that we all usually keep safely covered.

And I stopped.

And I realized.

That every single day this happens. The colors are different. The weather can be friendly or unwelcoming. But no matter what, the sun comes up and it is beautiful. We wake up, drink our coffee, and get dressed, then move about the world seldom thinking about the miracle that just happened. The sun, that is exactly the right amount of miles away from the earth, so as not to burn us up or freeze us, came up again. The sun, that provides the light of life CAME UP AGAIN! This is a miracle of gigantic proportions and yet so many days I find myself barely looking up.

Today I am so thankful for the miracle of the sun, and for my God, who not only made it perfect for our needs, but also made it beautiful. And tomorrow I will remember to look up.

From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised! —Psalm 113:3


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