My Journey Back? to Writing

Except for a short time when I thought I wanted to be a nurse (Not a good choice for an extreme empath!) I have always wanted to be a writer, and I have always wanted to write for children. I keep hearing on social media that I need to find my tribe. That I need to find a group of people who fit me like a glove. I have to say that I usually find myself sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb. But lately, I have realized that kids are my tribe. I carefully keep that adult distance from children that is necessary for a healthy relationship with them. But I am most comfortable talking with, and writing for, children because they are so amazing, unfiltered, and so very accepting of my childish heart.

I studied to be a teacher in college because I wanted to make a difference for kids, but again, teaching can be hard on an extreme empath. Imagine feeling all the feelings of every child in a classroom for eight hours a day! But I have put in quite a bit of time as a teacher, and it has brought me exhaustion, and bounteous joy.

Lately, though, since I’ve slowed down enough to listen, I am hearing a quiet whisper, feeling a gentle tap, and sometimes an occasional firm push, that is sent to remind me that I am called to write. It is not something I have chosen. It is something that was chosen for me. And as I begin to make a more formal, planned, concerted effort to get back to my writing I realize that I never really stopped. My phone notes are full of ideas for stories. My journals, though not written in daily, have intermittent musings on my days. There have been the occasional blogs. And when I was teaching, I had my students write. We wrote a bookoodle of class books–stories we all wrote together, then illustrated, and put into notebooks that they could find on our bookshelf and read to themselves.

My writer son, Caleb, reminded me that all I have to commit to is two sentences a day. This blog is my “two sentences”, and that is what happens when we make an effort toward that thing we are made to do. We find joy there, and once we make a start we don’t want to stop. So, whether you want to be a writer, an artist, a teacher, a pilot, a mom at home, a chef, a dancer, a builder, a photographer, an interpreter, an architect, an entrepreneur….. and on and on…. If you find you are having a hard time getting started, just begin with your version of two sentences. Get out the paints. Find some wood and bricks. Develop a business plan. Take two photos. Learn two dance steps.

Give in to that push, and before you know it you will be on a roll!

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