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Learning to Float Last reblogged post on floating…though I think it may take me a lifetime to learn how to really do it. ūüôā I spent Saturday at the the Red Piano Too gallery. I had a sweet day visiting with customers and the artists that were able to…

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Life is full of wave after wave of challenges. Some splash against us. Some crash against us, and some threaten to sweep us away like giant tsunamis. We can kick and struggle, doing our best not to go under, or we can lie on our backs and…float. Floating is…

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This daily prayer is the result of my research as well as the thoughts¬†of¬†¬†friends and family.¬†It is taken from the¬†“Armor of God” passage in Ephesians. Dear Lord,¬† Make me alert to the warfare around me. Help me discern what is good and what is evil. Bless me this morning…


For many years now on and off since college I have had the privilege of being a Sign Language interpreter. I have had the opportunity to interpret for the birth of a child, for job training, for funerals and for two years in the public schools. There are¬†slightly varying¬†philosophies on exactly what an interpreter’s job […]

Letting Go

When we brought our first born, Caleb, home from the hospital he slept in a bassinet right next to our bed. The first night I slept with my hand on his back and woke to every baby gurgle and and mew. After about three weeks we moved¬†the¬†bassinet¬†to the hallway. Then about a month later we […]

An Interesting Day

After writing my last blog, A Cup of Kindness,¬† I have been trying to be a little more¬†aware of chances to love Christ by loving others, and yesterday¬†an interesting thing happened. It was an unusually hot May day so when I loaded up my car to run errands I filled my water container with my […]

A Cup of Kindness

My special needs son, Daniel, lived at home with us till just after his 22nd birthday. He was 22 physically but mentally about the age of one. That meant that he was still in diapers and we still spoon fed him all his meals and snacks. I love Daniel so much. He is one of […]