Most evenings when the sun is getting ready to climb into bed I get into my little yellow Ripper kayak and paddle out to a place where I can watch the sunset. The water is usually quiet then, the breeze often soft. To get to my spot I have to head straight into the eye-squinting sunlight, straight down a golden water-path of […]

Birthing books

I just blogged three metaphors to describe the lake I live on. But I liked them, so I cut and copied them to my writing file. I want to save them for my next middle grade novel. Did I say “next novel”? In the midst of writing Silent Glades I was like a woman in labor. The waiting, […]


I planted a bunch of pansies yesterday. I love seeing their little faces all winter long.  I’ve heard people call other folks ” a pansy” meaning weak or not brave.  I find that strange since the whole reason I plant pansies is because they bloom through the winter months. All winter long I can look […]