Where is joy?

Where is Joy, Mama? She is dancing in the wind. She is sparkling in the sunshine. She is laughing in your friend. She is playing in your smile and Splashing on the shore. She is singing with the birds and Opening up a door. And on the grayer days she is  napping quietly  under blankets […]

Laundry Chute!

Laundry, Chute!   A shrill alarm sounds in the hall, then still and quietness. I rush toward the siren call, to rescue my red dress.   The latch released, I close my eyes then lunge into the dark, to free the poly-cottons from the hot breath of the shark.   I dump them on the […]

For My Writing Friends

I know that creativity requires energy so I’m wondering; Do I need to store up energy to be more creative? When I blog does it drip creative energy out of me like a leaky faucet? Do I need to hold back on my blog and my painting for a bit until the pressure becomes so […]

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Learning to Float Last reblogged post on floating…though I think it may take me a lifetime to learn how to really do it. 🙂 I spent Saturday at the the Red Piano Too gallery. I had a sweet day visiting with customers and the artists that were able to…

Originally posted on Robin Prince Monroe:
Life is full of wave after wave of challenges. Some splash against us. Some crash against us, and some threaten to sweep us away like giant tsunamis. We can kick and struggle, doing our best not to go under, or we can lie on our backs and…float. Floating is…

Originally posted on Robin Prince Monroe:
This daily prayer is the result of my research as well as the thoughts of  friends and family. It is taken from the “Armor of God” passage in Ephesians. Dear Lord,  Make me alert to the warfare around me. Help me discern what is good and what is evil. Bless me this morning…